Just $150 will get you started with your own web site.

I will register your domain name, YourName.com (or .org, .net if you prefer).

I will host your site unless you prefer to set up your own hosting and domain, in which case I can offer some recommendations and guide you through the process.

You provide the copywriting, images, logo, background, and other content that you wish to appear on your site and provide me with some details on how you want the layout and I will find a template that fit your needs and customize it to your specification. You can provide content for up to 5 pages. Once your site is set up you will have access through a web based control panel to manage your own site if you feel comfortable doing so.

WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS), and there are thousands of free themes available that can be customized to your liking. It is estimated that 28% of today’s websites are powered by WordPress. It is free and easy to use and yet still powerful enough to create a professional and adaptable website. It is also how I can provide you with a website at a fraction of the cost of a “professional” web design company that could run you thousands of dollars.

The $150 price only covers your basic start up costs and your choice of several basic features if you wish to include them such as a contact form, image gallery, integrated links to social media sites, a location map, and other basic features.

If you are in need of a custom website design, or if you wish to include an e-commerce shopping cart, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), other custom tools or plugins, or need more than 5 pages, these can be included but will likely run over the standard price. Just give me a detailed description of what you want and I will give you a flat rate quote based on my estimated time at a rate of $25 an hour. This is still a bargain compared to most going rates of $75 to $150 an hour.

In addition to the $150 set up fee there is also a $25 per month maintenance fee. This will include hosting, domain name renewal, and roughly 1 hour of my time to provide minor updates to your site. If you choose to provide your own hosting this fee will not apply unless you wish to retain my services for updates or additional content.

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